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Welcome to Media Stream Pro. This blog has been created to provide the latest information in the world of media streaming, which includes news, product announcements and reviews, technology developments, how-to demonstartions, best practices, cost saving tips and an opinion or two about the direction of the media streaming universe. The reason for Media Stream Pro was to define an entire section of work that was dynamic and important part of a larger television production and web development business. Eventually, it developed into a passion and principle part of the future of the creative industry.

Media Stream Pro is for beginners and pros alike. Unlike other great resources on streaming, Media Stream Pro also emphasizes the importance of content strategy and eCommerce integration. Media Stream Pro is not just about streaming, but how to make a living while doing it. It is about the freedom that becoming your own broadcaster represents to legions of creative people who yearn to have a voice and find an audience. It’s also about the business of internet broadcasting and how businesses are changing the landscape. It is also abot the social side of streaming and how communication is miving full force into a revolution that is literally changing the world.

Please enjoy Media Stream Pro. Let us know what you are thinking, questions you might have, ideas for blog posts and both criticism and praise. Media Stream Pro is for you and everything you wanted to know about Media Streaming.


  1. John Curran says:

    Good seeing you today John. Very interesting presentation. Good job. Just went to livestream.com but it doesn’t look like there is a free version any more. I will get back to you in a day or two to see what you think of my website after I put a few finishing touches to it. Will keep you posted.
    John Curran
    678 777 7831

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