Microsoft Streams in the Cloud with Azure Media Services

This Tuesday, Microsoft enetered a new offering in the Live Streaming space with it’s windows Azure Media Services. This cloud-based service can be used to stream from a website, build an on-demand platform or deliver training videos employees. Like other cloud-based platform offerings (i.e. Amazon S3) Windows hopes to make video streaming for the enterprise easy and simple to use. Not all cloud-based server platforms are easy though, so it remains to be seen if that proves true. We at mediastreampro will put it through the paces to see how it compares to the somewhat difficult Amazon S3/EC2 path.  Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie said in a blog post that building a media streaming platform that encodes and streams video to various devices and clients is a complex task, which requires hardware and software that has to be connected, configured and maintained. He offers that Windows Azure Media Services makes it easier by eliminating the need to provision and manage a custom infrastructure. We’ll see how easy it really is. A version is now available for private testing  with a public version coming soon. The user is charged a flat pay rate, starting at $1.99 Gb and discounted for larger volumes. Competition for cloud-based streaming is always good. We can only hoipe that it is as easy to use and reliable as they are promising.  Stay tuned for more info durnig our test drive.

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