Have you tried Newsjacking?


When creating a blog the first concern is to build an audience and one of the more popular ways to get seen is to appeal to natural or organic search engine traffic. You have to have an authentic voice with an opinion that matters, but if nobody is visiting your site then that presents a problem for return value for the effort of opining.  By staying on top of the trending stories and finding a way to inject ideas into a breaking story that stays true to your voice can generate tons of media coverage.  This technique has been called newsjacking, headline heisting, coat-tail surfing … uhmm, I think I prefer trendy opinionator or pr-owler as in public relations story spotter with a nose for how to become relevant. Well, you get what I mean.

The easy thing to do is just take a story with a headline and provocative photo and give your slant on it. If you react to the story quickly as it breaks, providing credible content in your post, you may be rewarded with toons of traffic and even media attention. Now this headline chasing is a lot of work, but sometimes it can really pay off. You see it all the time. But the important thing to remember is to be relevant to your audience.  When you are developing a voice it is like any relationship.  You need to be charming, interesting, insightful, but most importantly trustworthy. Eventually you followers sniff out the fame hos and ditch you for someone more relevant or at least authentic.  That is the most important quality to protect when building your audience – truth.

So, please use the headlines or popular stories to gain traction with a bigger audience, but when you do make it a part of who you really are and have something important to say. Newsjacking works, so try it. But in the end take the time to make it interesting and relevant as a reliable source of opinion or information. We all know there is enough blah, blah, blah out there. Also, when newsjacking consider how quickly you are respondong to a story to really catch the wave. If your post is not paddling quickly and as soon as it is breaking then the wave will just pass you by or worse crash on your head as a waste of time  So, if you are early to recognise a breaking story and its relevance and can add a new dimension to it then you have a chance that the news media and rest of the blogosphere might be writing about you.