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John Kabashinski has been involved in digital media since the early 90′s as an early adopter of Avid Media Composer and intrepid explorer of the internet. Back in the day Apple was in the personal digital assitant business and John and his film friend would toss messages to each other on their Newton’s. Well alot has happened since then, Apple is now the largest company on the planet, Newton’s children dominate the market and movies are digitally edited on Avid software on ipads.

John’s passion for the digital domain has grown over the years and the idea of a world without borders and everyone having their own broadcast network dances in his head. Digital streaming is one of John’s favorite subjects along with spirituality and Giant’s football. While he will always root for the Giants, it is digital streaming and spirituality that John feels certain will change the world. Perhaps together?

Please enjoy John’s insights into the streaming universe and feel free to comment, opine and even debate. This place is a community if ideas and visions to share with the rest of the world. So, if you too see a future that is vastly different and shaped by media streaming then you found a good place to hang out and stay for awhile.