Logitech Broadcaster – Streaming Webcam

The Logitech Broadcaster is here. All shiny and new in its box I took it on a test drive to see what it offers at the $199 orice point. Now, to start it is a Mac-friendly product, so all you other folks keep that in mind. Now right on the box it offers wi-fi connectivity, direct to U-stream, dual camera recording with built-in webcam and HD video calling. I already have a Logitech webcam on my Mac Pro and have been impressed with the picture quality for price ratio. This camera adds versatility that makes it a possible game changer in the democratization of vlogging and webcasting.

A big factor is price. In order to get up to speed with a streaming setup, single-camera setups are about 10k using profesisonal quality equipment. Now this has been reduced in price from just a short time ago when it was about 20k. As theprice point reduces, the democratization of the medium becomes more possible. Now, to be fair it is apples to oranges in terms of what you get and what you can do but the simple fact is not everybody has 10k laying around. Most people who ask me about streaming are looking to approximate professional quality image with a price point of about $500. But how? Is it even possible?

Well, with $200 wifi cameras like the Logitech Broadcaster or the new GoPro Hero3 Black Edition at $399 we are getting closer to that magic number.

Well, it took a bot to get it connected to my high speed cable modem wifi, but it is more a comcast problem than a Logitech issue. The key was getting the username and password setup, including the kind of protection being correct (WAP or WAP2) Once it logged in it was working fine. I was able to push it through to my Ucast channel without much difficulty and even got it working as a second camera in Ucast as well. It is very cool to have it be able to move around untethered and I see lots of potential to how I can make it work all over the place. I also hooked it up to my ipad with the free app and it worked there as well. This is very cool. If there is a good wifi connection, streaming at remote locations just got much easier.

I plan on running it through its paces and posting some examples of what it can do and the picture quality it provides in different lighting scenarios … stay tuned.

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