12-12-12 Concert is Stream-tastic!

Paul-McCartneyOn 12/12/12 there was a fantastic benefit concert in support of the people suffering from the devastation that was Super Storm Sandy. It was an incredible night of music and community for those who love the New York/New Jersey area and want to give back. What was particularly powerful was the quality of the live stream that iHeart put out on the benefit website at 121212concert.org. HD quality images and true concert sound of the Rolling Stones, The Who, Paul McCartney, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Michael Stipe, Chris Martin, Billy Joel, Diana Krall and the list just keeps going on and on. I was initially watching the concert on ION television but they unfortunately cut it off just before Paul McCartney was to come on the stage. Well, after being flabergasted that WWE wrestling just cut out Sir Paul who opened with Helter Skelter, I was saved by the stream. It was pristine quality with awesome sound. I realized, as I still watch Paul jam it out with Diana Krall, that the future is now. The power of live streaming directly over the internet is here and its crystal clear and sounds great. The days of being the slave to endless promos, commmercials and wrestling are over. Interestingly, it was wrestling that built early television, with Bruno Sanmartino and Ivan Putski on the black and white and then it built cable for uncle Ted and his empire of CNN but now it is signalling the end of what we knew as I watch what is to be.

The freedom that this represents for everyone to communicate, entertain, support each other and decide what we think is important to watch and when we want to watch it will continuously drive the audience to cut the chord. Those in TV land have just missed Dave Grohl and other former members of Nirvana join Paul on stage to rock out live to benefit hundreds of thousands of displaced and effected people in the New York Metro. Meanwhile, wrestling is fake fighting away on its pretaped show with countless fans completely miffed that they missed this. This is the power of streaming in full force and I wonder how many fans of Sir Paul or natives of New York, New Jersey or Connecticut will buy a Roku tomorrow, or an Apple TV? They certainly did not suffer as far as picture and sound go. They did not get baraged with promos or commercials. They did not have to pay for cable subscription fees either. Now, to be fair they do need high-speed internet, but that’s about it. The change that is coming will march forward with nights like this one. As more and more folks flee hundred dollar a month programming fees, the choice becomes one of freedom, not just money. We will not be told what to watch or when to watch it! I am going out and getting my own Roku in the morning.

In closing, I am from New York and New Jersey and I appreciate all the wonderful Brit rock stars who showed up tonight. Also to Brian Williams, Stephen Colbert, Chris Rock, Quentin Tarentino, Jason Sudekis, Katy Holmes, P Diddy, and the many others who also showed up for the benefit of those in need, I give a heartfelt thanks. You are all class acts and NEW YORK/NEW JERSEY/CONNECTICUT LOVES YOU! Now as Sir Paul closes with one of my favorite songs of all time, “Live and Let Die”, amidst incredible pyro and lighting and then personally meeting the first responders who were there, I just want to say I am forever a fan.

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